Not a day goes by without more news of massive layoffs, downsizing or the outsourcing of jobs overseas.   People are being impacted in record number with millions of new job losses continuing to take their toll on the economy.  The same companies shedding headcount in an attempt to be profitable continue to leave money on the table; to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars annually.   As a former executive of multiple large corporations, I have seen firsthand the struggles to balance the human aspect of business with shareholder requirements.  

The purpose of the Finding Millions blog is to help both individuals and companies who have been hit by the economic downturn.   Our focus is to find opportunities, big and small, for individuals and businesses.    In many instances, we can actually identify a need in a business that matches the skills of one of our individual client’s.   By partnering with businesses throughout America, our multi faceted business has the ability to literally find millions of dollars that have been left on the table.    We found one Top 10 insurance carrier $24 million dollars and a world renowned hospital $7 million.  

Like many of you, they had processes in place to oversee and collect their revenue.  Unfortunately, like many companies the processes were outdated, bureaucratic and ineffective.   By allowing us to focus on their end to end workflow, numerous opportunities presented themselves and money that would have otherwise been written off was added to the bottom line… WITH NO NEW MONEY required from them.   From our predictive model designed to identify missed receivables to our hospital zero balance reviews, we leave no stone unturned!  Give finding millions expert Chris Tidball a call at 904.742.9031 to learn more about how we can help you increase your bottom line.


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