Attitude is a Little Thing Makes a Big Difference

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There is no question that being positive in the face of today’s government inducted recession can be difficult.   Yet, it is positive thought that is a pillar of any economic recovery.   Just how do you maintain positive thought as your company loses money, bonuses become a thing of the past and jobs go by the wayside?   We hear about record numbers of foreclosures, increasing personal and national and a housing market debacle.  Despite all of this, deep down we know that things will get better.

I have said time and again that much of our success is rooted in the fact that we are Americans, the most resilient culture on earth.   We take our lumps and get right back up and continue the fight.   Our resiliency comes from the very fabric of self reliance and rugged individualism that made our nation great.   It is this fabric that defines Old Glory; the red, white and blue; a patchwork of cultures that have become great not because of governmen but in spite of it.   Even in the face of this necessary evil that has become intolerable, we will find a way to persevere and rise above the fray.

As I discuss in Kicked to the Curb: 20 Essential Rules for Coming out on Top When Your World Has Been Turned Upside Down, negativity can easily manifest itself in when times get tough. In the face of economic challenges, in particular a constricting labor market, it is easy to let negativity thoughts become your greatest impediment to success.  After all, negative thoughts result in negative behavior which in turn have a negative impact on your life.  

Negativity begets more negativity.  The reality is that there are winners and there are whiners in all aspects of our life.  Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than at your office.   Think of who congregates together to complain?  Who congregates to share the highlights of the latest quarter, stock prices or new marketplace innovations?   It is the latter who seek light while the former seek dark and it is your challenge when negativity has the potential to manifest itself to overcome this in search of the light. 

In order to arrive on the plane of positive thinking you must adhere to the following ten rules: 

  1. Believe in the power of positive thought.
  2. Beware of those people who do not share positive thought.
  3. Be objective when analyzing your current situation.
  4. Be mindful of living a healthy life.
  5. Be a facilitator of change if negativity enters your sphere of being.
  6. Be patient with those who also seek the power of positive thought.
  7. Be kind to those seeking the power.
  8. Be aware of a greater power to whom you are serving.
  9. Become a better person.
  10. Be the light when entering a room. 

As Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  It is your attitude that will define your path of your life’s journey.

Chris Tidball is the author of Kicked to the Curb, a book that combines the spiritual journey of The Secret and The Power of Positive Thinking with the insight gained during his twenty years as an executive for multiple Fortune 100 companies.  Using his concepts, the author assists many individuals and businesses in finding new revenue streams in today’s difficult economic times.  For more information please visit or email the author at


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