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Investing In Your Bottom Line

money treeIt seems that in the world of collections the sky is the limit, yet many companies don’t take full advantage of B2B relationships that could exponentially improve bottom line results.   In the world of insurance, billions of subrogation dollars are left on the table year in and year out.   Hospitals often accept far less than they are owed, and often zero out account balances for client’s who are highly collectible.   Utilities, universities, cities and states often fail to collect potential revenue for everything from parking tickets to unpaid bills.  

Having spent the last twenty years as an executive in the financial and insurance sector of the business world, it is hard to imagine any company wanting to leave any money on the table.  With revenue shortfalls and budget constraints company executives should be looking for ways to maximize their profitability which will be the only way to succeed in today’s tight marketplace.  

The good news is that everybody has the potential to collect money, be it a few thousand dollars or a few million dollars.   The bad news is that organization staffing is shrinking, forcing people to prioritize their duties which often means putting the least tasteful ones, such as collections, at the bottom of the list.  

The reality is that collecting money should not be painful for an organization; after all they are owed money.  This is money that could be used to invest in infrastructure and technology.  The cold hard facts are that the companies that are investing in today’s down market now will be the companies that come out ahead when the economy improves.  Leveraging capital will give them strength while those companies that drastically contracted  will lose market share trying to play catch up. 

What if your company could find money without doing anything more than picking up the phone?  Simply put, I can find money and put it on your bottom line with NO NEW MONEY or implementation costs required of your organization.  In fact, you will see a boost in not only profitability but productivity as your staff will now have more free time to focus on other aspects of their job that will bring in even more money.  

Let’s talk what Sequoia Financial can do for you.  Maybe money really does grow on trees after all!

Chris Tidball is a Vice President with Sequoia Financial Services and specializes in insurance subrogation, hospital management and accounts receivables, property management and utility collections.   He can be reached at (904) 742-9031 or by email at


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Driving The Right Claims Outcome

One of the greatest challenges to driving claims accuracy is effective liability assessment and negotiation. At Sequoia Financial we are dedicated to helping our client’s maximize their recoveries. Give us a call at 904.742.9031 to learn about how we can help you.

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What Would You Do If You Found A $100 Dollar Bill On The Ground?

Sequoia Financial is helping insurance carriers find millions of dollars annually. Call us today to learn how we can help you 904.742.9031.

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